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Spectroscopy and Quantum Description of Matter (FYST20)


Spring Term 2014

Welcome to the homepage of the "Spectroscopy and the Quantum Description of Matter" course. We will start the course with a start meeting on 20th January 2014, 13.15, in H421 at the Department of Physics.

The course is intended to show you how one can use spectroscopy methods to gain a quantum mechanical understanding of the properties of different forms of matter. Therefore we will study both certain aspects of the quantum mechanical description of matter as well as different spectroscopy methods.

Form of teaching

Lectures, discussions, hand-in problems, lab demonstration, project works. Lectures: The teacher will typically give a rather brief presentation and then we will discuss both in smaller groups and with the entire course. This requires that you read the material, which is handed out during the preceding lecture, prior to the meeting.


Hand-in problems and lab report, written report and oral presentation of the project.


Väl godkänd: 80% to 100%

Godkänd: 50% to 79.99%

Underkänd: below 50%




  • Stacey Sörensen (SS),, phone 046 – 2227265
  • Mathieu Gisselbrecht (MG),, phone: 046 – 2228275
  • Joachim Schnadt (JS),, phone: 046 – 2223925
  • Maxim Tchaplyguine (MT),, phone: 046 – 2224710
  • Niclas Johansson (NJ),, phone: 046 – 2220469