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Feifel, R., K. Ueda, K. Okada, L. Karlsson, S. Svensson, and S. L. Sorensen
Probing doubly excited ionic states of N2+ via a triple excitation above the N 1s threshold in the N2 molecule
Phys. Rev. A 67 032504 (2003)

Angle-resolved resonant Auger-electron spectroscopy has been carried out on the nitrogen molecule at selected photon energies around 419 eV, where a 1s core electron and two valence electrons are promoted into the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital 1g. Significant enhancement of a specific band, which cannot be disentangled in direct photoionization, is observed at a binding energy of 37.6 eV, with a value of the anisotropy parameter much smaller than 2. We assign this new band to the transition to a doubly excited cationic state of N2, in which two of the excited valence electrons remain in the 1g orbital, proposing a "double spectator" type decay mechanism. This observation shows how to preferentially probe multiply excited configurations of cations using multiple resonant excitation.

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