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A. Baev, R. Feifel, F. Gelmukhanov, H. Agren, M. N. Piancastelli, M. Bassler, C. Miron, S. L. Sorensen, A. Naves de Brito, O. Bjorneholm, L. Karlsson and S. Svensson
Geometrical information on core-excited states obtained from interference quenching of vibrational states in resonant x-ray photoemission
Phys. Rev. A 67, 022713 (2003)

An interference quenching of the m=1 final state vibrational in in the resonant Auger decay of N 1s-p* core-excited N2 is observed and analyzer. The intensity ratio between the m=1 and M=0 vibrational levels of the X 2Sigma_g^+ final state shows a surprising nonmonotonic variation as a function of frequency detuning, going through a minimum wiht a complete supression of m=1. We have developed a simple model which indicates a linear relation between the value of the detuning frequency for this minimum and the equilibrium bond distances for the core-excited states to a high degree of accuracy. Simultaneously with the simple model we present a strict theory of the studied effect.

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