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T. Tanaka, H. Shindo, C. Makochekanwa, M. Kitajima,H. Tanaka, A. De Fanis,Y. Tamenori,K. Okada, R. Feifel, S. Sorensen, E. Kukk, and K. Ueda
Interference Effects in Auger Resonant Raman Spectra of CO via Selective Vibrational Excitations Across the O 1s -2? Resonance
Phys. Rev. A 72, 022507 (2005).

The Auger resonant Raman spectra of CO, arising from the transitions to the X and A final electronic states of CO+, have been recorded at photon energies corresponding to the vibrational excitations v=3,5, and 8 in the O 1s2 resonance. The spectra are simulated within the model that takes into account both the lifetime-vibrational interference (LVI) and interference with the nonresonant photoemission. The spectroscopic parameters, e, exe, and re, of the O 1s–12 core-excited state, necessary for the simulation, have been derived by fitting the Franck-Condon simulation to the total ion yield spectrum, assuming a Morse potential for the O 1s–pi state. Not only the LVI but also the interference with the nonresonant photoemission turn out to be significant.

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