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R. Feifel, V. Kimberg, A. Baev, F. Gelmukhanov, H. Ågren, C. Miron, G. Öhrwall, M. N. Piancastelli, S. L. Sorensen, L. Karlsson and S. Svensson
Profile of resonant photoelectron spectra versus the spectral function width and photon frequency detuning
Phys. Rev. A 70, 032708 (2004)

The outermost, singly ionized valence state of N2, the X  2 state, is investigated in detail as a function of the photon frequency bandwidth for core excitation to the N  1s* resonance, where the photon frequency is tuned in between the first two vibrational levels of this bound intermediate electronic state. We find a strong, nontrivial dependence of the resulting resonant photoemission spectral profile on the monochromator function width and the frequency of its peak position. For narrow bandwidth excitation we observe a well resolved vibrational fine structure in the final electron spectrum, which for somewhat broader bandwidths gets smeared out into a continuous structure. For even broader monochromator bandwidths, it converts again into a well resolved vibrational progression. In addition, spectral features appearing below the adiabatic transition energy of the ground state of N are observed for broadband excitation. A model taking into account the interplay of the partial scattering cross section with the spectral function is presented and applied to the X  2 final state of N.

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