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S.L. Sorensen, M. Kitajima, T. Tanaka, M. Hoshino, H. Tanaka, Y. Tamenori, R. Sankari, M. N. Piancastelli, K. Ueda, Y. Velkov, I. Minkov, V. Carravetta, and F. Gelmukhanov
Electronic Doppler effect in resonant Auger decay of CO molecules
Phys. Rev. A 76, 062704 (2007)

We present an experimental observation of the electronic Doppler effect in resonant Auger spectra upon core excitation slightly above the carbon K edge of the CO molecule. Thus the electronic Doppler effect has been identified in above-threshold excitation, and in a transition of symmetry. Ab initio calculations of the potential energy curves of the relevant states of CO and the wave packet technique have been employed to provide a theoretical background to the experimental studies. The weak feature around 299.4 eV in the photoabsorption spectrum, whose decay has been investigated by the present experiment, is assigned to double (core-valence) excitations to C 1s shake-up states with a strong dissociative character, and the Doppler splitting of the atomic peak has been reproduced by the simulation.

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