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O. Travnikova, C. Miron, M. Bässler, R. Feifel, M.N. Piancastelli, S. L. Sorensen and S. Svensson
Resonant Auger decay study of C1s→π* core-excited OCS
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 174, Issues 1-3, 2009, 100-106

The present work aims at characterizing short-lived C1s(−1)π*(1) core-excited states of the OCS molecule based on the analysis of the vibrational fine structure and lineshape profiles of the high-resolution resonant Auger decay spectra recorded at the excitation energies along the C1s→π* resonance in the binding energy region 15–19 eV. Very different behavior in terms of lineshape and resonant enhancement is observed for the , and final states. This is explained by (1) the variation in the C–O bond lengths for the states involved in the electronic relaxation and (2) different contributions in terms of Mulliken population to the molecular orbitals determining the electronic character of the corresponding states. Since the final-state geometries are known from a number of previous experiments and ab initio calculations, the geometry of the C1s(−1)π*(1) intermediate states can be predicted in analogy with e.g. the N2, CO2 and N2O molecules.

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