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O. Persson, E. Lind, E. Lundgren, J. Rubio-Zuazo, G. R. Castro, L.-E. Wernersson, A. Mikkelsen, and R. Timm
Interface characterization of metal-HfO2-InAs gate stacks using hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy
AIP Advances 3, 072131 (2013)

MOS devices based on III-V semiconductors and thin high-k dielectric layers offer possibilities for improved transport properties. Here, we have studied the interface structure and chemical composition of realistic MOS gate stacks, consisting of a W or Pd metal film and a 6- or 12-nm-thick HfO2 layer deposited on InAs, with Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy. In and As signals from InAs buried more than 18 nm below the surface are clearly detected. The HfO2 layers are found to be homogeneous, and no influence of the top metal on the sharp InAs-HfO2 interface is observed. These results bridge the gap between conventional photoemission spectroscopy studies on various metal-free model samples with very thin dielectric layers and realistic MOS gate stacks.

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