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Fysikexperiment i forskning och samhälle FYS N11, HT 2007

Sixth lecture

Material from the sixth lecture:

Lecture in Powerpoint presentation format
Lecture in pdf-format

The following articles are accessible from within the University:
Nature article about the Vasa warship
Article in Chemical Society Reviews about the Vasa warship
News and Views in Nature

Hand-in problem:

Quantitative XPS

Eighth lecture

Preparatory material for the eighth lecture:

Please read the Nobel lecture by Binnig and Rohrer (see below). It is primarily a historical account, but your focus should be on how Scanning tunnelling microcopy works and what the principles behind are. Thus, it is most important to understand the figures. In addition, there is a link to an animation of Scanning tunnelling microscopy, which, in conjunction with the figures of the Nobel lecture, should give you some reasonable idea of the technique. Please go through the material prior to the lecture!

Binnig and Rohrer's Nobel lectrue
Animation of the scanning tunnelling microscope

Material from the eight lecture:

Lecture in Powerpoint presentation format
Lecture in pdf-format

Hand-in problem:

Low energy electron diffraction hand-in problem
Excerpt from Andrew Zangwill: Physics at Surfaces (large! 37 MByte)

Course evaluation

The course evaluation sheet can be downloaded from here.

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