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This page contains information about me, my research and the courses that I teach.


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Courses where I teach or supervise:

Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces (FYST19,TEK177)

Scanning Probe Microscopy (FAF085, TNF080)

Analysis on the nanoscale (KOO105)

Ex-jobb in nanoscience
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Ytfysikkursen VT 2012 - Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces Spring Term 2012

The course aims at giving an introduction into surface science, which is concerned with the properties and the chemistry of surfaces and interfaces on an atomic length scale. Surfaces play a central role in a variety of modern technologies spanning from heterogenous catalysis to devices based on nano-structured materials. The surface physics course will offer a general introduction to the structural, electronic and vibrational properties of atoms and molecules at surfaces and interfaces from a mainly experimental viewpoint. Key topics include adsorption and growth of molecule and adatom layers, synchrotron based electron spectroscopies, Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED) and the use of Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM) to visualize individual atoms and molecules at surfaces.
Note: The 2007 Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded directly for research in this field.

The course will be divided into two main parts: The first part of the course will give an overview of both experimental techniques and fundamental concepts used in surface science. This part will include visits to a scanning tunnelling microscope lab and to the local synchrotron radiation laboratory MAX-lab. The second part of the course will mostly consist of case studies in small groups. The outcome of these case studies will be presented in writing and during a seminar for the entire course. The examination will thus consist of the written report and the oral seminar.

This term's course will start 26th of March 2014. Contact Edvin Lundgren,, for more information.

Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces VT 2015 (TEK177,FYST19)





Lecture Room

Mar. 26


Introduction meeting (LM).


Mar. 31


Introduction and real space structure (LM).


Apr. 07


Scanning Probe Microscopy + lab visit (LM)


Apr. 09


Diffraction (Kinematic LEED+SXRD) (JG).


Apr. 14


Synchrotrons, Core Level Spectroscopy and AES. Prepare Max-lab visit (JK).


Apr. 16


Max-lab visit (LM+JK+JS).


Apr. 21


Adsorption, desorption and diffusion (JS)


Apr. 23


Overview / more techniques / Exercises (LM)


Apr. 28


Written examination (LM).


May 05


Short technique presentations (LM)


May 07


Short technique presentations  (LM)


May 12


Examination preparation (Supervisors).


May 19


Examination preparation (Supervisors).


May 26


Examination lectures (LM)


May 28


Examination lectures (LM)




Lectures will be held in English.


Literature: Copies of lecture + complimentary literature from selected books handed out prior to the lecture.


Book recommendations:


Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces by Harald Ibach, ISBN-10 3-540-34709-7. Ebook available through LU Library:


Surface Physics: An Introduction by Philip Hofmann, ISBN 978-87-996090-0-0. Ebook (US$9.80) available from:


Examination form:

25%: Written examination on 28/4

25%: Short technique presentation: 5 min presentation

50%: Examination lectures: 5 min lecture/person from selected topic and report (2-4 pages/person).


Lindsay Merte,

Edvin Lundgren,

Here you find the lecture notes for lectures 2013 in compressed form:
Intro lecture
Realspace lecture
Scanning Probe Microscopy lecture
Diffraction lecture
Diffraction part of Johan Gustafson's Thesis
Synchrotrons and core level spectroscopy I
Synchrotrons and core level spectroscopy II
Adsorption, desorption, and diffusion on surfaces
Summary slides


Scanning Probe Microscopy (FAF085,TNF080)


Course responsible:

       Jan Knudsen, room A 401, 046-2224126,

       Rainer Timm, room A 408, 046-2223894,


More updated  information:



Analysis on the nanoscale

The course aims at giving an introduction into analysis methods used in nanoscience and technology.
The official course homepage can be found at:

Analys på nanoskalan

Here you find the lecture notes for the lectures of this year in compressed form.


Solid State Physics (FysA31)

The official course homepage can be found at:

Solid State Physics

You can find the lecture notes for my part of the course at:

Lecture notes