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MAX IV laboratory

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Prof. Stacey Ristinmaa Sorensen

Head of the division of Synchrotron radiation research

Office: A 420,
Department of Physics, Sölvegatan 14 (map)
Telephone: +46-46-222 72 65
Fax: +46-46-222 42 21

Research projects

  • Core-excited states in molecules and molecular materials.
  • Atomic and molecular spectroscopies: imaging and energy-dispersive
  • Electronic structure and fragmentation of clusters of atoms and molecules

Further information

Networks and centers

Center for Advanced Molecular Materials
Network for advanced methods using x rays
Nordic Women in Physics
Swedish-Jordanian collaboration (SIDA/VR)
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Summer school in atomic and molecular spectroscopy, 2012

The quantum descritption of matter

Research on the frontier of science

Medical physics: nonionizing radiation

Project management: 2008

Forskning pågår: short 2008

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Research Group

Mathieu Gisselbrecht, Researcher
Anna Sankari, Postdoc
Noelle Walsh, Postdoc
Joakim Laksman, PhD student
Erik Månsson, PhD student
Shabnam Oghbaiee, PhD student


Joakim Laksman, 2012, PhD thesis:
Nuclear motion in molecular ions studied with synchrotron radiation

Joakim Laksman, 2010, Licenciate thesis:
Ion spectroscopic coincidence measurements with an in-house developed momentum imaging spectrometer

Sergey Peredkov, 2007, PhD Thesis:
Free Clusters Studied by Synchrotron-Based X-ray Spectroscopy: From Rare Gases to Metals

Sergeui Peredkov, 2006, Licenciate thesis:
Free clusters studied by photoelectron spectroscopy

Andreas Lindgren, 2006, PhD thesis:
Studies of molecular and cluster fragmentation using synchrotron radiation: Measurements and models

Andreas Lindgren, 2005, Licenciate thesis:
Ion spectroscopic measurements on ammonia and small argon clusters

Susan Kasper, 2011 (University of Oregon, USA)
Attosecond spectroscopy using pulsed laser sources

Christian Stråhlman, 2011
Dissociation of core-excited states in water

Majd Salman, 2011
Automatic focus for electrons

Christian Grünewald, 2010 (Technical University, Berlin)

Maxime Rollin, 2010 (Polytech, Paris, France)

Christian Stråhlman, 2009
Dissociation of C 1s excited states in carbonyl sulphide

Zeynep Erudhan, 2009
3D molecular imaging of diatomic molecules

Tomas Andersson, 2009
Photoelectron spectroscopy of metallic clusters

Joakim Laksman, 2007
Electron spectrometry of free fullerene molecules

Andreas Lantz, 2006
Synchrotron based photoelectron spectroscopy of laser-excited NO2

Joakim Laksman, 2006
Ultraviolet photoelectron and ion spectroscopic measurements on C60-fullerenes

Annika Eschner, 2004
A study of the ultra-fast dissociation behaviour of the OCS molecule

Andreas Kopp, 2002
Implementation of a Knudsen cell for synchrotron-based photoelectron spectroscopy

Jenny Rissler, 2001
A study of multiatom resonant photoemission in free molecules and adsorbates

Johan Andersson, 2000
Pump-probe, gas phase photoelectron spectroscopy of acetylene, using femtosecond laser generated harmonic radiation